Aleksandra Łukaszewicz Alcaraz „Neomodernist Digital Painting”

Zapraszamy do lektury tekstu Aleksandry Łukaszewicz Alcaraz pt. „Neomodernist Digital Painting”, który ukazał się w czasopiśmie „Art Inquiry. Recherches sur les Arts”, Volume XVIII (XXVII).

Since the beginning of the 21st century we can observe a kind of revival of specifically modernist features, characteristics, and aims in the art practice which focuses on creating images. I presume that digital painting is neomodernist in its essence, and in the present article I will try to demonstrate that it can be understood within the characteristics of modernism, as Clement Greenberg has defined them. Digital painting continues to question the medium used by the critical investigation, by focusing on the flatness and on the aesthetic features devoid of any representational sense, and by its drive to touch the untouchable and present the unpresentable – that is the absolute. As a case study, I present the works of the Polish artist Zbigniew Romanczuk and the Turkish artist Yaman Kayihan, who represent two different ways of creating digital paintings.

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